Top 10 Bangkok Condos Offering Direct BTS/MRT Station Access

Remarkably, among the thousands of residential options in the Thai capital, only a handful offer direct access to the city's mass transit: the BTS Skytrain and MRT. 

Bangkok, a bustling metropolis, offers an extraordinary blend of vibrant living, business opportunities, and cultural experiences. It’s a global destination where people come to live, work, and explore the myriad facets of Thai culture.

The city’s residents relish a lifestyle characterized by convenience, with shopping centers, restaurants, hospitals, and schools often just a stone’s throw away. Navigating this vibrant cityscape is made easy thanks to an efficient mass transit system, including the BTS Skytrain and MRT underground, an extensive road network, and the ever-present option of hailing a taxi or motorcycle taxi.

Yet, amidst all the allure and convenience, one common gripe among Bangkokians is the notorious traffic. The city’s streets can grind to a halt during peak hours, especially on Friday afternoons when everyone’s either rushing home or heading out to savor the city’s eclectic dining scene and nightlife.

The situation can take a turn for the worse during the rainy season, when torrential rain can quickly transform Bangkok into an urban swamp. Even the heart of modern Central Bangkok is not immune to flooding.

In light of these challenges, the ultimate luxury for city dwellers in Bangkok is having a condominium with direct access to the BTS or MRT stations.

Discover 10 Exceptional Condos with Direct BTS or MRT Access

Bangkok is a city that never sleeps. From the lively markets of Chatuchak to the tranquil temples along the Chao Phraya River, this city offers a kaleidoscope of experiences. These condos, strategically located near mass transit, allow residents to dive headfirst into the vibrant tapestry of Bangkok’s culture, food, and entertainment!

Remarkably, among the thousands of residential options in the Thai capital, only a handful offer direct access to the city’s mass transit: the BTS Skytrain and MRT. 

Here’s a closer look at 10 of these remarkable condominiums:

1. Noble Remix & Noble Remix 2

Location: Thonglor, Central Bangkok (BTS Thonglor)

Developer: Noble Development

Condo Overview: Noble Remix and its second phase, Noble Remix 2, are modern condominium projects comprising high-rise towers. Noble Remix boasts 33 floors and 504 units, while Noble Remix 2 stands at 11 floors with 152 units. The development is conveniently connected to BTS Thonglor via an extended skywalk that leads directly to the Noble Remix commercial complex, seamlessly linking residents with public transit.

Amenities: Noble Remix & Noble Remix 2 cater to working professionals and young families with facilities designed for active lifestyles. These include a spacious fitness center, a serene green area, and a large lap pool.

Location Perks: Situated in the heart of Thonglor, this development offers an exciting lifestyle with community malls like Marché Thonglor and J Avenue. The neighborhood is adorned with trendy eateries, coffee shops, and upscale restaurants. Moreover, Thonglor is renowned for its vibrant nightlife centered around Thonglor 10 Road.

2. Nusasiri Grand

Location: Ekkamai, Central Bangkok (BTS Ekkamai)

Developer: Nusasiri

Condo Overview: Nusasiri Grand is a sprawling residence connected to BTS Ekkamai. The development features two towers (A & B), with Tower A rising 28 floors and Tower B standing at 22 floors, housing a total of 303 condo units.

Amenities: Residents of Nusasiri Grand can indulge in a peaceful and convenient lifestyle, complete with a tropical pool, a jacuzzi area, sauna and steam rooms, a garden for relaxation, and a well-equipped gym.

Location Perks: Located in Ekkamai, this development offers a tranquil and convenient residential community environment. Ekkamai boasts several malls, including Gateway Ekamai, Big C Ekkamai, and Don Donki, a Japanese-themed mall. Additionally, Ekkamai is adjacent to the trendy Thonglor neighborhood, making it an attractive location for residents.

3. Noble Ploenchit

Location: Ploenchit, Central Bangkok (BTS Ploenchit)

Developer: Noble Development

Condo Overview: Noble Ploenchit is a luxurious residence consisting of three residential towers and a commercial retail space. Tower A rises 14 stories, Tower B soars to 51 stories, and Tower C stands at 45 stories, collectively offering 1,444 units. The project boasts a classy-contemporary architectural design.

Amenities: Noble Ploenchit pampers its residents with a plethora of luxury amenities, including a lush, serene greenspace, a 45-meter swimming pool with a separate kids’ pool, a spacious gym, and a multipurpose room.

Location Perks: Located in the heart of exclusive Ploenchit, one of Bangkok’s prime areas, this development provides easy access to Central Embassy, a luxury shopping mall. The neighborhood is dotted with trendy eateries, a wide selection of international restaurants, and chic hangout spots.

4. Q1 Sukhumvit

Location: Nana, Central Bangkok (BTS Nana)

Developer: Q House

Condo Overview: Q1 Sukhumvit is an ultra-luxury residence in the heart of Nana. This high-rise project boasts 41 floors and 273 luxury residences. It offers a stunning, elegant, and modern living environment.

Amenities: Q1 Sukhumvit prioritizes resident comfort with amenities that include a swimming pool and kids’ pool, separate male and female sauna and steam rooms, a private sky onsen, a 360-degree sky lounge, and a large sunny pool.

Location Perks: Nana, a convenient and central neighborhood, is ideal for working professionals and commuters. Surrounded by luxury malls, excellent restaurants, and leisure venues, Nana is also renowned for its vibrant nightlife, featuring classy bars and famous nightclubs.

5. Triple Y-Residence

Location: Samyan, Central Bangkok (MRT Samyan)

Developer: Golden Land

Condo Overview: Triple Y-Residence is a trendy leasehold residence in the popular Samyan area. This high-rise condo comprises 33 floors and 516 units, making it an attractive option for young professionals and university students due to its proximity to Chulalongkorn University Campus.

Amenities: Triple Y-Residence embraces a trendy and communal living style, offering co-working spaces, co-reading areas, and even a co-cooking lounge to foster a sense of community. Additionally, residents can enjoy a fully-equipped gym and a large pool.

Location Perks: Samyan is an up-and-coming area offering a well-connected and convenient lifestyle, located in close proximity to Siam, the prime leisure and retail hub. The neighborhood is a hotspot for university students, thanks to the presence of Chulalongkorn University Campus, and is experiencing rapid development.

6. Ritz-Carlton Residences Bangkok

Location: Sathorn, Central Bangkok (BTS Chong Nonsi)

Developer: Pace Development

Condo Overview: The Ritz-Carlton Residences Bangkok is a mixed-use commercial and residential complex featuring a distinctive pixelated architectural design. This city icon rises 79 floors and offers 209 units.

Amenities: Luxury abounds at this development, with amenities like a games room, cinema room, well-equipped fitness center, swimming pool, sundeck, library, and residents’ club lounge.

Location Perks: Situated in the heart of Sathorn, Bangkok’s financial district, this development is surrounded by world-class eateries and dining options. The neighborhood also has a thriving nightlife scene, with trendy bars and hip nightclubs.

7. The Esse at Singha Complex

Location: Asoke, Central Bangkok (MRT Phetchaburi)

Developer: Singha Estate

Condo Overview: The Esse at Singha Complex is a residence connected to the Singha Complex, a mixed-use commercial development that towers over the Asoke business district. This high-rise luxury residence features 319 condo units and spans 39 stories.

Amenities: Residents can enjoy a peaceful garden with a green amphitheater, a large library and co-working area, a sky social lounge, a swimming pool, and a well-equipped gym.

Location Perks: The Esse at Singha Complex is located in the Asoke business district, known for its office towers clustered around Sukhumvit 21 road. The area is ideal for working professionals, offering numerous shopping malls, eateries, and highly-rated restaurants.

8. Whizdom Connect Sukhumvit

Location: Punnawithi, East Bangkok (BTS Punnawithi)

Developer: MQDC

Condo Overview: Whizdom Connect Sukhumvit is part of the 101 True Digital Park / Whizdom 101 mega mixed-use project. This high-rise condominium boasts 41 floors and 673 units.

Amenities: Residents can enjoy amenities like a sunny pool, fully-equipped gym, garden area, and social connection lounge.

Location Perks: Whizdom Connect Sukhumvit is only 100 meters from Whizdom 101 shopping mall, which features a grocery store, shops, and a diverse array of restaurants. Punnawithi is an up-and-coming neighborhood offering easy access to Central Bangkok and a comfortable lifestyle.

9. Whizdom Inspire Sukhumvit

Location: Punnawithi, East Bangkok (BTS Punnawithi)

Developer: MQDC

Condo Overview: Whizdom Inspire Sukhumvit is another high-rise condominium within the expansive 101 True Digital Park / Whizdom 101 mega mixed-use project. The development features 46 stories and 554 units.

Amenities: Whizdom Inspire Sukhumvit offers residents a comfortable lifestyle with amenities including a co-working area, meeting rooms, a private learning center, a garden with a jogging track, a large sunny pool, and a well-equipped gym.

Location Perks: Located only 100 meters from Whizdom 101 shopping mall, residents have access to a grocery store, gym, retail stores, and a wide selection of restaurants. Punnawithi is an affordable and comfortable neighborhood, featuring coffee shops, restaurants, and local shops.

10. Whizdom Essence Sukhumvit

Location: Punnawithi, East Bangkok (BTS Punnawithi)

Developer: MQDC

Condo Overview: Whizdom Essence Sukhumvit is also part of the 101 True Digital Park / Whizdom 101 mega mixed-use project. This development spans 50 floors and features 664 condo units.

Amenities: The development offers a range of luxury amenities, including jogging tracks and bicycle lanes, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a fitness room, a Yoga studio, a relaxing zone, a sky garden, a business lounge, a large library, and a special study room.

Location Perks: Connected to the Whizdom 101 shopping mall, residents enjoy convenience. The development is located in Punnawithi, a neighborhood offering a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

Bangkok: Where Vibrant Living Meets Urban Convenience

These 10 condominiums with direct access to BTS or MRT stations in Bangkok offer residents not just a place to live, but a gateway to a vibrant and hassle-free urban lifestyle. With a range of amenities and locations to choose from, they represent a slice of luxury in the bustling heart of this dynamic city. 

As Bangkok continues to grow and change, this list of condos with direct mass transit access will likely expand. The city’s relentless development ensures that residents will always have something new to explore. These condos are not just homes; they are windows into the exciting future of Bangkok!

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