The Best Suburban Areas to Live Outside Central Bangkok? 

While much attention is often given to the Central Business District, with neighborhoods like Silom-Sathorn, Asoke, and Phrom Phong taking the limelight, there's a lot more to explore beyond the city center. 

Bangkok, the vibrant capital of Thailand, is a sprawling metropolis teeming with diversity and character. Its neighborhoods range from the chic and fast-paced Central Bangkok to the tranquil suburbs that offer a respite from the hustle and bustle. 

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top suburban neighborhoods in Bangkok, each with its unique charm and lifestyle appeal. Whether you’re a young professional, a family looking for a peaceful environment, or simply seeking an authentic Thai experience away from the tourist hubs, these suburban gems have something to offer everyone.

The Top 5 Suburban Neighborhoods in Bangkok

While much attention is often given to the Central Business District, with neighborhoods like Silom-Sathorn, Asoke, and Phrom Phong taking the limelight, there’s a lot more to explore beyond the city center. 

The suburbs of Bangkok have their advantages, including more affordable living costs, a slower pace of life, and a distinct sense of community. Plus, they still offer easy access to mass transit and transportation links, making commuting to work easy and convenient! 

1. Ladprao

Where Convenience Meets Community

Tucked away in the northern part of Bangkok, Ladprao is a vast residential neighborhood that has become a favorite among working professionals. Its most iconic landmark is the Chatuchak Weekend Market, a sprawling open-air market boasting Southeast Asia’s largest open air market with an extensive array of food, clothing, tourist souvenirs, furniture and many other goods. Ladprao also offers a variety of leisure hotspots, including Central Plaza Ladprao and Union Mall, two large shopping complexes. The neighborhood’s criss-crossing roads are dotted with famous eateries, coffee shops, and restaurants, catering to diverse tastes.

Ladprao is a haven for active individuals who can enjoy Chatuchak Park, one of Bangkok’s largest green spaces, along with Queen Sirikit Park and Wachirabenchathat Park. These parks come alive with joggers, cyclists, and those seeking a leisurely stroll, especially during evenings and weekends.

Commuting from Ladprao to Bangkok’s Central Business District is a breeze, thanks to the direct MRT connections to Rama 9, Asoke, and Silom-Sathorn. Additionally, the MRT/BTS interchange allows residents to reach Siam via BTS. Housing options in Ladprao are diverse, ranging from high-rises like THE LINE Jatujak-Mochit by Sansiri to townhouses and single detached houses for rent, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

2. Thonburi

Where History Meets Modernity by the Riverside

Nestled on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River, Thonburi is a large district in Bangkok that amalgamates several unique neighborhoods. Known for its serene, riverside living, Thonburi provides a glimpse into old-world Bangkok, blending traditional charm with modern amenities. Along Charoennakorn Road, old shophouses coexist harmoniously with hip eateries and gleaming high-rise condos.

Thonburi’s rich cultural tapestry includes famous temples like Wat Arun, Wichai Prasit Fort, and the Santa Cruz Church, offering residents a unique living experience steeped in history. IconSiam, a luxury riverside shopping mall and events venue, is a highlight for leisure activities.

For those who seek an authentic local experience, Thonburi is brimming with traditional eateries and food stalls. Commuting to the Silom-Sathorn business district is a breeze, making it an attractive option for professionals. Developers have taken note of Thonburi’s appeal, with luxury riverside residences like The Mandarin Oriental Residences, Magnolias Waterfront Residences, and Chapter Charoennakorn-Riverside by Pruksa.

3. On Nut

Where Convenience Meets Affordability

On Nut, located a mere 15-20 minutes away from Bangkok’s central business hubs like Asoke and Siam by BTS, is a popular residential neighborhood for working professionals. It offers a convenient lifestyle with Century The Movie Plaza shopping mall, Lotus Supermarket, and Big C On Nut all within a 500-meter radius of BTS On Nut skytrain station.

In addition to international restaurants and trendy coffee shops, On Nut boasts a mini-street food market adjacent to the BTS station, allowing residents to savor traditional Thai snacks. There are a few community malls that cater to the local residents, making daily life both convenient and pleasant. 

Sansiri has transformed the area around the On Nut canal into the T77 Community, featuring the Habito Community Mall, Sansiri Backyard green space, and the Sansiri Campus. This community provides residents with a serene urban escape, offering garden spaces, a mini-farm and fresh air!

The On Nut neighborhood’s main appeal lies in its affordable condos and housing options. With numerous residential projects like The Base Sukhumvit 50 by Sansiri, KnightsBridge Prime – On Nut by Origin Property, and Ideo Mobi Sukhumvit by Ananda, you can find a residence that suits your budget and lifestyle. For potential residents looking for other accommodation options, Sukhumvit 77, the neighborhood’s main road artery, offers a variety of single houses, house compounds, and apartment blocks.

4. Bang Na

Where Connectivity Meets Commerce

Situated in the far eastern fringes of Bangkok, Bang Na serves as the Capital’s gateway to the Eastern Economic Community and the industrial areas of Chonburi and Rayong. This strategic location makes Bangna a vital logistics and commercial hub.

Bang Na is rapidly evolving into a residential hotspot, with attractions like Mega Bangna, a massive shopping mall, Central Bangna, and The Forestias, a mega mixed-use mall currently under construction. These amenities offer residents plenty of options for leisure and entertainment.

The neighborhood also hosts several world-class international schools, including St. Andrews, Bangkok Pattana, and Berkeley International School, making it an appealing choice for families.

Upscale house compounds with spacious living areas and outdoor spaces are abundant in Bang Na. Condo options, such as Ideo O2 by Ananda Development, provide additional choices for residents.

5. Ari

Where Urban Cool Meets Tranquil Retreat

Nestled in North Bangkok and served by the BTS Ari skytrain station, Ari offers a peaceful retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle. This quiet neighborhood, characterized by tree-lined streets, is often compared to Central Bangkok’s trendy Thonglor area. Ari has become a hotspot for young working professionals seeking a hip and cool suburban experience.

The neighborhood features a network of intercrossing roads, each lined with concept stores, art galleries, hipster restaurants, and Instagram-worthy coffee shops. Ari is renowned for its world-class dining options, ranging from famous street food to classy restaurants. Its vibrant nightlife scene is characterized by bars and hangout spots.

Ari offers a range of housing options, including condo residences like Noble Re:D, Central Ari Station, and Noble Around Ari, as well as various houses ideal for families.

Embracing Suburban Living in Bangkok

In a city as expansive as Bangkok, the suburban neighborhoods outside the city center offer a unique and appealing lifestyle. Each neighborhood we’ve explored here presents its own distinct characteristics, from Ladprao’s convenience and community spirit to Thonburi’s blend of history and modernity along the river. On Nut combines affordability with convenience, while Bangna offers connectivity and access to world-class schools. Ari provides a tranquil retreat for urban coolness.

If you’re considering a move to suburban Bangkok, we encourage you to explore and visit these areas to experience firsthand what each neighborhood has to offer. Whether you’re a young professional, a family, or simply someone seeking a different pace of life, Bangkok’s suburbs provide a wealth of choices for a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle! 

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