The 5 Factors Driving On Nut’s Booming Real Estate Appeal!

The neighborhood's urban landscape and demographics have witnessed profound changes. Once viewed simply as an affordable option on Bangkok's fringes, On Nut is now recognized for its growing potential.

On Nut, once a peripheral neighborhood in Outer Bangkok, has evolved significantly. This once modest area has surged to prominence, now frequently topping the list of the most searched neighborhoods on property portals like DD Property and Living Insider.

The surge in On Nut’s popularity is largely due to the escalating costs of living in Central Bangkok, where prices for both purchasing and renting properties have skyrocketed, particularly in the Central Business District. As a result, working professionals with offices in the heart of Bangkok have increasingly sought out more affordable living options on the city’s outskirts.

On Nut has emerged as a key beneficiary of this trend, thanks to its strategic location. It is well-connected by the BTS Skytrain network, ensuring a swift commute to central locations such as Asoke and Siam within 15-30 minutes. Additionally, those who prefer to travel by car or motorcycle find convenient access to the expressway and major roads.

The neighborhood’s urban landscape and demographics have witnessed profound changes. Once viewed simply as an affordable option on Bangkok’s fringes, On Nut is now recognized for its growing potential. Property experts anticipate continued rapid growth in both popularity and development, heralding a bright future for residents and investors alike. This shift in perception marks On Nut as a neighborhood on the rise, promising both vibrant living and excellent investment opportunities.

Exploring the Five Key Factors Behind On Nut’s Real Estate Boom!

1. Strategic Location on Sukhumvit

On Nut’s strategic placement has long been a draw, positioning it as a preferred residential area for commuters and working professionals. Notably, it’s in close proximity to prime Sukhumvit areas like Nana, Asoke, Phrom Phong, and Thonglor, located to the west. 

More recently, the development of the “Eastern Business District,” encompassing regions like Bangna and Udom Suk, has enhanced On Nut’s relevance. These emerging business zones serve as conduits between Bangkok and the Eastern Economic Corridor, positioning On Nut perfectly between two vibrant economic hubs. 

This strategic location ensures On Nut remains a top residential choice for a growing number of professionals due to Bangkok’s ongoing urban evolution.

2. Convenient and Comfortable Lifestyle

The growth and appeal of a residential neighborhood are significantly influenced by its lifestyle offerings. On Nut has responded to the needs of its cosmopolitan community of working professionals with a well-developed array of malls, dining options, and social venues. The neighborhood has witnessed substantial transformation, now boasting amenities like Tesco Lotus and Big C supermarkets, Century The Movie Plaza Sukhumvit, community malls such as Habito, and numerous lively markets.

Recent developments have also seen the rise of international-level hotels, further enhancing the neighborhood’s appeal. Notable additions include the trendy Cross Vibe Hotel located on Sukhumvit 52 and the INNSiDE by Meliá Bangkok Sukhumvit, situated conveniently next to the BTS Station. These developments signal On Nut’s evolving status not just as a residential area but also as an emerging travel and tourist destination.

Together, these factors contribute to On Nut’s transformation into a booming real estate market, offering both a strategic location and a lifestyle that caters comfortably to both residents and visitors.

3. Upcoming Commercial & Retail Developments

The commercial and retail landscape in On Nut is bustling with activity, with several significant projects underway that promise to reshape the neighborhood. Notably, CP + MQDC is developing three mixed-use projects on a 20-rai plot adjacent to BTS On Nut Station, previously occupied by Lotus’s On Nut and its parking area. These projects include the Whizdom Craftz S50 condominium, a revamp of Lotus’s On Nut, and the Project O office and retail building.

Adding to the momentum, Piti Jarukamjorn, CEO of One Origin Public Company Limited, has unveiled plans for a 3 billion baht mixed-use development, One Origin Sukhumvit 79. This project, spanning over 5 rai next to BTS On Nut Station, will feature commercial spaces, offices, and a dual-branded Marriott and Courtyard hotel with 581 rooms.

This surge in commercial development is largely driven by the availability of developable land in On Nut, which remains more accessible compared to Bangkok’s prime areas where land scarcity has driven prices to unprecedented heights.

4. Affordable Residential Property Prices

On Nut’s residential market continues to attract attention due to the affordability and variety of its housing options. Prominent developers such as Ananda Development, Sansiri, Origin Property, AP Thai, and Quality Houses have launched and completed several projects, particularly condominiums.

Potential homebuyers and investors can find high-quality condos at competitive prices, starting as low as 100,000 THB per square meter. Notable among older projects is Blocs 77 by Sansiri, a 28-floor high-rise offering resale units beginning at 110,000 THB per square meter.

On the premium side, the Knightsbridge Prime On Nut by Origin Property, completed in 2020, is a 47-floor high-rise with starting prices around 160,000 THB per square meter. Similarly, Chambers On Nut by SC Asset, a low-rise development consisting of three buildings with eight floors each and totaling 487 units, caters to the mid-market professional demographic, with prices also starting at approximately 160,000 THB per square meter.

The real estate market in On Nut offers a wide array of modern, affordable condos primarily targeting young professionals or families. The resale properties in the area enjoy robust liquidity and a gradual increase in resale values, underscoring On Nut’s growing appeal as both a residential and commercial hub.

5. High Rental Yield Opportunities

On Nut’s appealing lifestyle continues to attract both Thai and expatriate residents, boosting its reputation as a vibrant residential hub. This, coupled with the affordability of both resale and newly developed properties, leads to higher average rental yields.

On Nut features a diverse array of residential options, with one-bedroom units typically renting for between 13,000 and 22,000 THB per month, and two-bedroom units ranging from 25,000 to 45,000 THB per month. 

Generally, On Nut offers gross rental yields of 4-6%, which are notably higher than many central Bangkok areas, where yields often range from only 2-4%. This attractive return on investment makes On Nut a compelling choice for rental property investors.

On Nut a Neighborhood to Watch!

In summary, On Nut’s transformation from a peripheral neighborhood to a booming real estate hotspot is driven by strategic location, evolving lifestyle amenities, affordable housing, and promising commercial developments. 

This district’s accessibility, coupled with a growing range of residential and commercial options, offers a unique blend of comfort and convenience that appeals to both local and expatriate communities. With competitive rental yields and ongoing infrastructure developments, On Nut is not just adapting to Bangkok’s urban growth but is also setting the stage for future residential and investment opportunities. 

This convergence of factors makes On Nut an increasingly desirable area for residents and investors alike, promising vibrant living and excellent investment prospects.

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