Bangkok’s Ekkamai an Up-and-Coming Real Estate Hotspot

As Ekkamai continues to develop, it is rapidly transforming into a dynamic neighborhood that balances residential, lifestyle, and business elements, making it an increasingly desirable destination in Bangkok.

Ekkamai, often overshadowed by its more vibrant and glamorous neighbor Thonglor, is an understated gem in Bangkok’s urban landscape. While Thonglor is renowned for its bustling nightlife and trendy venues, Ekkamai offers a quieter, more residential atmosphere, making it an appealing contrast.

Over the years, Ekkamai has cultivated a unique bohemian flair. It boasts a mix of hip clubs, eclectic bars, and a diverse dining scene, featuring everything from Japanese Omakase and Italian Trattorias to Spanish Tapas and traditional Thai cuisine. 

In contrast to the commercialized vibe of Thonglor, Ekkamai maintains its charm with family-owned shops, vintage shophouses, and tree-lined side streets. These elements create a tranquil enclave within the city, providing a respite from the urban hustle.

Despite its relaxed ambiance, Ekkamai is firmly integrated into Bangkok’s Central Business District. It is well-connected by the BTS Green Line, making areas like Asoke and Siam accessible in under 20 minutes. Road access is also convenient, with easy entries to Phetchaburi and Rama IV Roads and the Sirat Expressway. Furthermore, the Ekkamai Bus Terminal, although slated for relocation, remains a vital link to eastern destinations like Rayong and Pattaya.

For everyday conveniences, the neighborhood offers shopping malls such as Gateway Ekkamai and Don Don Donki Mall, alongside community malls like Big C Ekkamai, which includes a supermarket and various eateries. The area is also home to top-tier medical facilities including Sukhumvit Hospital and is in close proximity to Camillian Hospital, and Samitivej Sukhumvit.

Ekkamai is not only a residential neighborhood but also a center for education, housing prominent schools such as Ekkamai International School, St. Andrews International School, and Singapore International School Ekkamai. Its family-friendly streets and proximity to Thonglor and Phra Khanong make it increasingly popular among parents and young families.

As a whole, Ekkamai represents a balanced blend of tranquility and accessibility, making it a desirable location for those seeking a quieter lifestyle within reach of central Bangkok’s amenities.

Ekkamai’s Evolving Urban Landscape

Ekkamai, traditionally a quiet residential neighborhood, is experiencing rapid changes with new commercial developments reshaping its urban landscape. Here’s an overview of the key projects:

1. @Ekkamai Lifestyle Mall

Opened in 2022, the @EKKAMAI Lifestyle Mall is a venture by The Siam Arun Group. This commercial development represents the group’s first foray into retail space, as it has traditionally owned and operated serviced residences catering to Bangkok’s Japanese expatriate community. Located near Soi Ekkamai 9, this retail hub spans a 5-rai plot and offers 3,200 square meters of shopping space. 

It features 16 shops and provides amenities such as ample parking and EV charging stations. Already 90% occupied, its key tenants include KFC, Swensen’s, and Watsons. The mall’s design promotes ease of access and relaxation, contributing to a refreshing shopping experience in Ekkamai.

2. APAC Tower

Situated at the corner of Soi Sukhumvit 63, APAC Tower is a significant mixed-use development combining Grade-A office spaces with retail areas. It will connect directly to the Ekkamai BTS station via a pedestrian bridge. 

The tower is set to enhance the neighborhood with features like green garden spaces, a rooftop bar, and versatile business facilities such as co-working spaces and executive lounges.

3. Earth Ekkamai

The recently opened Earth Ekkamai is a community mall at the intersection of Sukhumvit 63 and Sukhumvit Road. Anchored by a Tops Fine Food store, the mall also houses a variety of shops and eateries including Banana IT and Rolling Roasters. This addition broadens Ekkamai’s retail and leisure options, boosting its liveliness and appeal.

4. Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekkamai) Relocation

The Ministry of Transport has announced plans to relocate the Eastern Bus Terminal, a move that has been speculated for years. This relocation will free up a substantial plot next to the BTS Ekkamai Station, potentially paving the way for a new mixed-use development that could further enhance the area’s attractiveness.

As Ekkamai continues to develop, it is rapidly transforming into a dynamic neighborhood that balances residential, lifestyle, and business elements, making it an increasingly desirable destination in Bangkok.

Exploring Ekkamai’s Residential Environment

Ekkamai is divided into two distinct sections: Sukhumvit 63 and Sukhumvit 42, each offering its unique residential market.

Sukhumvit 63 and its side roads, characterized by odd-numbered streets, represent the more upscale side of Ekkamai. This area is known for its exclusive developments and is considered premium due to its proximity and connectivity. Residents enjoy easy access to Thonglor via Thonglor 10 Road and Phra Khanong through various side roads, enhancing both convenience and desirability.

In contrast, the even-numbered roads along Sukhumvit 42, bordering Rama IV Road, form a more affordable section of Ekkamai. This part of the neighborhood, generally less developed, hosts numerous low-rise condos, shophouses, and family houses, offering a range of residential options.

Unlike Thonglor, which is dominated by high-rise condos, Ekkamai has seen more restrained development in large residential projects. The presence of large, family-owned houses with significant plots of land complicates efforts by developers to consolidate large parcels for development, preserving the area’s unique character.

Despite these challenges, major Bangkok developers have been keen to leverage the neighborhood’s growing appeal. Renowned SET-listed companies like AP Thai, Sansiri, Pruksa, Noble Development, and Major Development have launched notable projects in Ekkamai, each adding to the area’s residential allure.

Highlight Projects in Ekkamai:

XT Ekkamai 

Developed by Sansiri, this 38-floor high-rise, completed in 2020, features 537 residential units and one commercial space. It boasts exceptional facilities including a 50-meter Olympic-sized pool, jacuzzi, and outdoor theater, and was initially marketed at 180,000 THB per sqm.

Rhythm Ekkamai Estate 

Located on Sukhumvit 63, this luxury development by AP Thai 33-floor high-rise offers 303 exclusive units. It provides a mid-density living experience with no more than 15 units per floor and includes luxury amenities such as an infinity edge pool with panoramic views and a wellness spa featuring a White ION Bath. It launched with prices around 220,000 THB per sqm.

Noble Ambience 42 

Situated on Suk Chai Alley off Sukhumvit 42, this low-rise by Noble Development comprises two buildings with eight floors each, totaling 259 units. Inspired by the Swedish concept of ‘Lagom,’ this minimalist-modern project features amenities like a 20×5 m saltwater swimming pool and a fitness room. When launched the development was initially priced at about 180,000 THB per sqm.

Maru Ekkamai 2 

This condo project by Major Development, is a pet-friendly, high-rise development inspired by Japanese-style living. It consists of 32-floors that includes 333 units and offers a range of Japanese-themed amenities like an onsen, karaoke rooms, a co-kitchen, and various gardens. It was launched at a starting price of 190,000 THB per sqm.

As Ekkamai continues to evolve, it attracts a mix of residents drawn by its blend of traditional charm and modern conveniences, making it a compelling choice for urban living in Bangkok.

Ekkamai’s Bustling Real Estate Market 

In summary, Ekkamai has blossomed into a notable neighborhood in Bangkok’s real estate scene. Despite being overshadowed by Thonglor in the past, Ekkamai now stands out with its own unique vibe. 

Recent commercial developments like @EKKAMAI Lifestyle Mall, APAC Tower, and Earth Ekkamai, along with the planned Eastern Bus Terminal relocation, are reshaping the area, making it more attractive for both living and leisure.

Ekkamai offers a diverse residential landscape split between Sukhumvit 63 and Sukhumvit 42, catering to various preferences and budgets. With its blend of convenience and character, Ekkamai is becoming a top choice for those seeking a vibrant yet balanced lifestyle in Bangkok.

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