Top 5 Bangkok Property Websites to Begin Your Search!

With hundreds of neighborhoods to choose from, pinpointing the ideal investment or perfect home can be a significant challenge. This article on the Bangkok real estate market introduces readers to the key online property portals ...

Whether you’re a property seeker, homebuyer, renter, or landlord, you likely want to access the most reliable sources of information and discover the most updated website for property listings.

If you fall into the category of investor, homebuyer, or renter, navigating Bangkok’s vast and complex city can be daunting. With hundreds of neighborhoods to choose from, pinpointing the ideal investment or perfect home can be a significant challenge. The situation doesn’t get easier for existing property owners, as Bangkok’s marketplace is dynamic and constantly evolving.

This article on the Bangkok real estate market introduces readers to the key online property portals, providing guidance to identify the best platforms for real estate searches:

DDproperty, a member of Singapore’s Property Guru Group, serves a substantial user base with 37 million active users across its four primary international markets (Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand).

As one of Thailand’s pioneering online real estate marketplaces, DDproperty enables real estate agents and developers to advertise and showcase their property listings. This platform distinguished itself by being the first to introduce international-style property search functions and options to Thailand’s real estate industry.

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, DDproperty’s intuitive search functions allow visitors to search by location, project name, or property specifications such as price range, size, beds, and baths. It enjoys particular popularity among Thai-focused real estate agents who specialize in promoting houses and landed property.

In addition to its core services, plays a prominent role in the Thai real estate community as the organizer of the Thailand Property Awards. This event honors and recognizes the best projects, designs, and innovations in the Kingdom’s real estate industry.

Dot Property and and its sister website,, both fall under the ownership of the Dot Property Group, a part of the Lifull Connect portfolio of companies.

These websites collectively garner approximately 2 million visits per month, showcasing property listings from property agents and developers in Thailand’s key markets, including Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, and Koh Samui.

Initially positioned as competitors to DDproperty’s services, both platforms carved a niche by focusing on the best property search options for the expat and international market, mainly targeting condo-focused demand. While they have expanded their appeal to the Thai market, the focus on condo project advertising remains central. The search function on and is user-friendly, enabling searches by specific parameters such as location, property type, or project name.

In addition to its main services, the Dot Property Group organizes the Dot Property Awards, a prestigious Southeast Asian ceremony that honors and recognizes outstanding developers and leading real estate companies.


Once considered the third major player in Bangkok’s real estate market, has recently been acquired by the Dot Property Group and is now part of Lifull Connect’s portfolio of online marketplaces and aggregators. The platform currently receives an estimated 420,000 visits per month.

Originally centered on the Bangkok and Pattaya property markets, honed its search functionalities to focus on condo projects. Its database was organized under project landing pages, displaying advertised listings in a tabular format.

This structure enables website visitors to efficiently filter by ascending or descending filters, such as Price or Property Type. This functional search design is particularly helpful in Bangkok’s real estate market, where real estate agents and developers manage thousands of listings.

Unlike other platforms like DDproperty and Dotproperty, Hipflat’s display is not tailored to houses, villas, or commercial buildings that require unique property listing pages. As a result, Hipflat proves to be generally more practical for condo advertisers and those searching specifically for condominiums.

Living Insider, a recent entrant into the online property marketplace, is owned and operated by a Thai management team. The platform enables real estate agents and developers to promote their property listings through a unique credit purchasing system. Credits can be used to buy property listing slots, a novel approach designed to address the issue of “outdated” or even “clickbait” property advertisements by agents and developers.

While the website prominently features its agent partners and includes engaging articles that provide insights into the property market, it’s crucial to note that Living Insider primarily targets the Thai market. Therefore, its search experience and web pages are primarily displayed in Thai language. 

RentHub stands as a specialized player in the Bangkok property portal and online marketplace sector, concentrating its property offerings on rental apartments and condos. Its strength particularly lies in serving the low-cost and affordable segments of Bangkok’s rental market, making it a targeted choice for those seeking budget-friendly rental options in the city.

Property Search Challenges

Exploring the property portals mentioned above will undoubtedly enable you to swiftly select and identify properties that align with your specific needs.

Furthermore, it’s essential to recognize that these platforms are predominantly utilized by property agencies and developers for advertising. This makes them an excellent means to connect with real estate professionals who can provide consultation and advice.

However, while searching for property, users may encounter some significant challenges when utilizing these platforms:

Outdated Listings

Bangkok’s vast metropolis, consisting of thousands of neighborhoods and numerous residential complexes and apartments, inevitably leads to a considerable amount of outdated listings. Sometimes, advertisers are unable or unwilling to update these listings.

Often, upon inquiring about a house or condo, searchers are redirected to a similar property. This situation can create frustration for property searchers, who may be misled regarding pricing, availability or other details.  

Poor Quality Listings and Information

The substantial supply of listings in Bangkok can be overwhelming for real estate agencies, who may struggle to curate the quality of their property ads. 

Consequently, details such as project specifications, size, floor, and price may frequently be incorrect. Additionally, agencies often have little incentive to invest in high-quality photos or videos, given the fast-paced market and the speed at which properties get rented or sold.

Working with Reputable Property Agencies

Inquiries on these portals will inevitably lead to interaction with real estate agents. In a market without licensing requirements, the selection of a trustworthy property agent is essential.

Aligning with professional agencies that offer guidance, consultation, and support in your real estate research and search is key. Ensuring collaboration with reputable experts is vital to achieving the best possible outcome for your property decisions!

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